Sunday, September 12, 2010

Folding and organizing

There's been a lot of discussion on a couple of my email lists about ways to fold and organize fabric. I think the best way for any individual depends on their space, resources, how much fabric and how they use it. But for me the best is this ruler folding method. I ran across it ages ago and don't remember where, or I would give credit.
With only a few exceptions (if I buy a bolt of fabric) I wash my fabrics as soon as I get them home. I take it out of the dryer, smooth it out by hand and fold right away. I don't see any need to iron when I wash because I know I'll need to iron before I use it.
Fold along the length, just like it comes off the bolt, and lay on a table with one cut end toward you. Even up the edges and smooth out any wrinkles.

Lay a 6 x 24 inch ruler across the fabric, about three inches from the end. Fold the end over the ruler, then, holding the folded edge, turn the ruler over, "rolling" it in the fabric. This is just like the fabric is folded on the bolt.

When the whole piece is folded, slide the ruler out of the center, then fold the fabric once in the middle.

You end up with a unit about 7 inches by 10 inches, with the thickness depending on how big the piece of fabric is. It is easy to stack on shelves or in containers.

I wish I had a really fancy set of shelves to show off all the fabric, like some I've seen. But most of my fabric is stored in shallow bins (the under-bed style) in my storage room. The bins are sorted by color for basic prints or type of fabric (30s, Civil War, novelty, sewing theme, Orientals, animal prints, batiks, florals) The two shelves shown are in my sewing area and have the brights and the ocean and beach theme fabric I've been using most lately.
At least this proves you don't have to have the perfect arrangement for your fabric to be able to make quilts!

Speaking of, I finished the quilting on the border of the bow ties yesterday. I tried doing an outline of the wreaths, but decided against it. So it is ready to bind, as soon as I pick out the binding fabric. I got the borders cut, sewn and attached to the Cool Jazz quilt, but was getting tired, so decided to save sewing the miters until today.

Lots to do today, so more later.

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