Friday, October 15, 2010

It's all a blur!

It's Friday and the High Cotton Quilt Show begins in just over three hours! The last few days are a blur of final projects and getting ready for the show. After getting the program booklet off to the printer (and getting a little "real" work done) it was back to prepping quilts.

Amazingly enough, everything got done. I finished both the Boxy Stars and Triple Star, got sleeves on the last quilts, sewed labels on everything, made little yo-yos which I glued on to clothes pins to hold the quilt labels, and even got finished cleaning the machine I'll use for demonstrations. Yesterday it was a busy day, picking up the programs, then helping where I could with setup, while taking pictures and setting the up winners list to print. Once I had the winners list, I entered it on the computer, then was off to the office supply store to have them print 500 copies which we'll insert into the program this morning.

Then home to relax just a bit, before pulling out the machine I'll use for demonstrations and setting it up and testing it. Thankfully, it sewed great right away, so no fussing with it. As soon as it's light, I'll be loading everything up and be off to the show.

It was great seeing my Triple Star hanging – especially since I don't have anywhere to hang a queen-size. Time to start getting ready. More later!