Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Counting down to the quilt show

We had a very good guild meeting last night, with a couple of visitors and new members. Our speaker, from Augusta, explained a technique to make t-shirt quilts by preparing the t-shirts, framing them with fabric, then appliqueing them to a background. I like this much better than piecing the framed sections, because it gives a lot more flexibility in the way you arrange the t-shirts. I may have to dig out all those t-shirts I saved from college and make me one – but not any time soon.

The big discussion, of course, was about the quilt show. We're up to 200 quilts! That's amazing for a first show, and more than 160 of them will be judged. It's just amazing how much needs to be done between now and the show, and how much there will be to do during the show. One thing is sure, no one involved has time to be bored.

I took my Vintage Bow Ties for show and tell and explained that we had made these blocks for an exchange and I liked them so much that I made extras, which became this quilt. It was fun hearing the murmurings from visitors when I said I had quilted it on my treadle. I still don't think they all believe that I free-motion on a treadle, so it will be fun to demonstrate at the quilt show.

Since I went to the meeting last night, there was no sewing, but Monday night I did finish the quilting in the body of the Cool Jazz quilt, and sewed a sleeve on another one. I'm pleased with my progress, but still getting worried about time.

Speaking of time, I'd better get to work. More later.