Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A good day of creating

I had a great day in the studio Sunday. After being on the road all day Saturday (including yet another stop at JoAnn's) I decided I'd better settle down and get busy on my Shakespeare in the Park. With so much going on in November, I hadn't gotten back to it since finishing the blocks. The big issue with putting it together is that it is queen sized and my work table is a relatively small dining room table. I finally decided to put it together in sections, then I'll assemble the sections. There's just no way to assemble rows of an on-point quilt on that small table. I don't want to even think about pinning it for quilting.

Between Sunday and yesterday I have it about half assembled. I'm hoping to finish in the evenings this week and be ready to pin and start quilting Saturday.

In breaks from SITP, I worked on more postcards. I got a batch of beach towel design cards finished, except for the final edging, and started another batch of palm trees.

And I pulled out some of the zillion acrylic paints I bought last week and painted some fabric for backgrounds for another batch of cards. The paints are regular acrylic craft paints, which I mix with fabric medium. I bought some cheap plastic tablecloths on clearance after Halloween and use one of them to protect my work table from paint spills. This batch was pretty simple, just random colors to suggest a sky at sunrise.

No sewing today, since I'm going to our guild's Christmas party. More later.