Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sending warm thoughts

Think warm!
Beach towels and flip-flops. A finished batch of cards.
It's miserably cold here (another night in the 'teens) but I know many of my friends have it much worse, with all the snow and ice. At least we can get outside to get our firewood!

So I'm sending warm thoughts! Here's a picture of Tybee Island beach July 4th weekend, and the beach theme postcards I've been working on. Think warm!

I started quilting Shakespeare in the Park Monday evening and am making pretty good progress. The quilt has 41 large blocks, plus the border blocks, so I've set a goal of seven to eight large blocks quilted each evening. That should get me though the body of the quilt by this weekend and I'll have all weekend to finish up. I've found that I can quilt for hours on small pieces without getting tired, but wrestling the large quilt does get to me after a while. When I start getting tired, my stitches get very irregular, so I have to pace myself.

Stay warm! More later.

A grove of palm cards in progress.

Quilitng in progress