Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heading to the finish line

Another good quilting session last night. The finish is getting close. I finished the feathered rows, following the rows of bow ties and there are no more pins in the body of the quilt – my gauge for how close I am to the finish. I still have to quilt the borders and have decided to do an outline, in off white, around each of the wreaths, as there's just a little too much space between the wreaths and the bow ties left unquilted. I think using an off white will fill the quilting, without reducing the impact of the wreaths.

I'm just having one regret about the quilting now. I used the same tan on the bobbin as I used on the front, and it doesn't show up at all on the tan/gold print I used for backing. I kind of wish I'd used a contrasting thread on the back, I think it would have looked fantastic. Oh, well, no going back.

A little progress on a couple of other things. I pulled out a bolt of coarse muslin and started cutting pieces for the quilt sleeves. I'll be seaming this into tubes and hand-stitching them to the backs of my quilts as hanging sleeves. With new television shows starting up over the next couple of weeks, this will be my handwork while I watch.

Speaking of television, today is a big Project Runway day. Today is the show at fashion week, and I understand all the remaining designers will show, so we don't know who are the finalists and who are decoys. I'll be following updates all afternoon on the Tom and Lorenzo blog.

And tonight's the show – right now I can't even remember what the challenge will be. I'm sure it will be interesting though.

Have a great day, more later.