Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The countdown is on

We're one month away from our guild's quilt show and I don't know whether to be excited or panicked. Probably a little of both. We had a meeting today to go over everything and we have more than 190 quilts entered! Most of them will be judged.

That's the exciting part. The panicking part is that I still have three quilts to quilt, a bunch of sleeves to sew on, and a lot of work for the show, in preparing the program and publicity. Yikes!

Speaking of quilting, I love my Davis Vertical Feed treadle. The vertical feed operates in a similar way to a walking foot, the foot has two parts, when one is down the other is moving forward with the needle. So all the layers of fabric move smoothly together. In addition to using it for quilting, the VF is my favorite machine to do binding. It's amazing how smoothly the binding goes on with it.

I used it last night to attach the binding to my bow ties quilt, and am now in the process of hand-sewing the binding on the back. I've also checked off two of my long list of hanging sleeves, about 10 to go.

This evening's project was to measure and cut fabric for backings for Cool Jazz and Boxy Stars. Cool Jazz is stitched and ready to go, the Boxy Stars backing is pinned and ready to stitch. So tomorrow another quilt gets pinned.

Back to the binding, more later.