Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a wrap! December Tybee Arts Association Show

After participating in three of the Tybee Arts Association's shows, and serving as vice-chair for this one, I've learned how much work is involved in putting on an art show. But what a thrill when you see it all put together and people start coming in the door. And of course it's a thrill when people buy your work.

A few of the high points for me:

Seeing the excitement of a first-time participant as she sold her first piece.

Everyone dressed in their holiday finery for the opening reception.

Hands-on art activities where visitors helped make a mosaic and learned about clay sculpture.

Meeting people from around the country who are visiting Tybee.

Talking to visitors about old sewing machines and hearing everyone's story about their mother or grandmother's machine.

Meeting, in person, for the first time a long-time friend on an email group.

Explaining how the sewing machine works to a youngster who wants to learn to sew.

Seeing all the beautiful work artists brought in for the show.

Seeing the artists do demonstrations, and watching visitors get excited as they see art made.

Getting a copy of a local magazine with a nice article about the November show, including a picture of me at my treadle.

Seeing photos and videos posted online!

More later.