Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday already?

I made some good progress on the Cool Jazz quilt yesterday. I finished quilting on two more sections, leaving one section and the border to go. In breaks from quilting I started prepping binding and the backing for the Triple Star quilt and pulled out fabric for our pirates costumes and got it in the laundry. There's just so much coming up all at the same time.

We took a break last night and went to a movie, the new Resident Evil in 3-D. It was pretty good for what it is, a live video game. But what really impressed me was the magic makeup This woman has been running around killing zombies and fighting with the evil corporation for months and her makeup is still perfect. And apparently it's contagious, as along the way she finds another woman who's been living in the wilderness for month, filthy, hair matted into knots. Next scene, the other woman has perfect makeup and her hair looks freshly washed. On a scale of unreality, that beats zombies any day!

Time to get to work, more later.