Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A thread emergency – almost

Now here's a sight to get you worried!  Once I started quilting the Triple Star I realized that the thread was going a lot faster than I had expected. I usually work with cones of thread, so it hadn't occurred to me that one 500-yard spool wouldn't be enough to quilt a queen sized quilt. But it isn't.

Monday night I completed the rings of quilting on the muslin around the stars and had to decide, continue quilting the colored sections with the same thread, or switch to a different thread. A solid thread could have worked, but I really like the effect of the variegated, so I checked and found a couple of places online that had the thread. Yesterday my sister stopped by her local JoAnn's to see if they had it, they didn't, so I ordered some from Red Rock Threads.

Wow, they have a lot of great threads. I ordered another spool of the Pixelles, plus two other threads, with two-day delivery and got the notice this morning that it had shipped. As long as it doesn't show up with a note in it that it's back-ordered, I should be fine. Just in time, of course, since I completely ran out tonight.

But I have plenty to do while I wait. Tonight I'll prep some more hanging sleeves and start getting my Boxy Stars ready for pinning. That's the last one I have to quilt for the show.

Back to the sewing room. More later.