Saturday, June 4, 2011

A couple more projects

Exciting news, I sold one of my art quilts last weekend. The quilt, Log Cabin Lighthouse, was one of my earlier pieces, so I'm happy to see it go to a good home. Of course now there's an empty spot at the restaurant, so I need to pick out another quilt to display there.

I'm still not back to serious work on my art quilts, but I've made good progress on the decorating front. It's still being creative, right?

Here are a couple more projects that are finished. For the kitchen curtains, I made the trim using the invisible seam technique I learned for pillowcases. It worked great, with no raw edges left showing.

I had several sets of decorative window shutters tucked away in my storage room. I thought the small ones would be great decorative pieces, but I made them useful, too. The coral one hangs in the kitchen as a key holder. The blue is in the bathroom. The hooks are from the hardware store and I found the glass shell ornaments at one of the local stores.

More later.