Thursday, August 26, 2010

So much sewing, so little time

Isn't it funny how you can go weeks without sewing then suddenly the dam breaks and you want to do everything – all at once? This summer was like that for me, I went the whole summer and the only sewing I did was at the two TOGAs I attended and making an outfit to wear to my class reunion. Then a couple of weeks ago I finished a little crumb table topper and I guess it brought my mojo back. Now I want to do everything, all at once!
The only problem is I'm jumping from project to project like a butterfly from flower to flower. I guess that's okay, since I'm making progress. In no particular order I have:
Assembled my Boxy Starts blocks with sashing and have the border ready to apply;
Assembled some bow tie blocks and put the border on;
Made 20-something blocks from a bag of scraps and a Mile-a-Minute pattern I got at the beginning of the month;
Finished two pillowcases to donate to our guild's boutique and have three more cut out.
Last night I changed gears yet again and opened up a sewing machine I've had a year or two but never used, a Willcox and Gibbs chain stitch treadle. Beautiful little machine, but I had other stuff going on when I brought it home and just never got back to it. Both machine and treadle were stiff but a good oiling/lube has them moving smoothly now, except that the presser foot is stuck in the up position. I have some penetrating oil to put on it and I should be able to finally try out this machine this weekend.
I didn't get much sewing done after playing with the machine last night, but I did get the pillowcase fabric pressed and started on a third pillowcase, so not too bad.
More later!