Thursday, October 7, 2010

Climbing quilt mountain

The list of things to do is getting a lot more checkmarks, but there are still so many things to do before our quilt show! And I have to work all weekend, so am losing prime quilting time.

The pile on the left has hanging sleeves.  Triple Star,
in the background needs a little quilting and binding.
But the progress is there. I got almost finished with quilting the Triple Star a couple of nights ago when – drum roll – I got to almost the end of the spool of thread. And no, I didn't buy a second extra when I ordered last week! But I have a couple of options for finishing the two small sections that still need to be quilting. First is to get another spool of the thread, since I'll be in Savannah tomorrow. As long as they have more, I'm fine. If they don't have any more, I'm planning to use several different colors (matching the colors in the spool) to quilt on each square in the section, using a contrasting color in each. I think it would look great, just don't tell anyone I came up with the idea in desperation

My helper. I put a couple of bolts on top of the quilt so he
wouldn't test it for comfort, so he napped in my chair
and glared!
I still need to bind the Triple Star, but last night I started quilting the last of my quilts for the show, a Boxy Stars I started last year when Bonnie Hunter gave a class for our guild. I decided to go with a variegated pastel thread (don't worry, it's a big spool!) and a simple pattern with spirals connected by curving lines. It's coming along pretty well, I'm about halfway through quilting. Fortunately this is a smaller quilt.

The other stuff is coming along, just three quilts left to put sleeves on, which includes the two in progress, and the program for the show is moving along, though there is still a lot to do. That will be my priority for any bits of time this weekend, then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be a frenzy of quilting, binding and sewing on labels.