Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A thread emergency – almost

Now here's a sight to get you worried!  Once I started quilting the Triple Star I realized that the thread was going a lot faster than I had expected. I usually work with cones of thread, so it hadn't occurred to me that one 500-yard spool wouldn't be enough to quilt a queen sized quilt. But it isn't.

Monday night I completed the rings of quilting on the muslin around the stars and had to decide, continue quilting the colored sections with the same thread, or switch to a different thread. A solid thread could have worked, but I really like the effect of the variegated, so I checked and found a couple of places online that had the thread. Yesterday my sister stopped by her local JoAnn's to see if they had it, they didn't, so I ordered some from Red Rock Threads.

Wow, they have a lot of great threads. I ordered another spool of the Pixelles, plus two other threads, with two-day delivery and got the notice this morning that it had shipped. As long as it doesn't show up with a note in it that it's back-ordered, I should be fine. Just in time, of course, since I completely ran out tonight.

But I have plenty to do while I wait. Tonight I'll prep some more hanging sleeves and start getting my Boxy Stars ready for pinning. That's the last one I have to quilt for the show.

Back to the sewing room. More later.


Bonnie said...

Red Rock is extremely fast getting the thread to you. And, their prices are reasonable. Do you quilt with your feather weight???? WOW> amazing. A queen size quilt on a featherweight??? It's looking great. Bonnie

Vicki said...

That is a Singer 15-30 treadle. It's a full-size machine, though I know it looks small. I don't think it's physically possible to quilt a queen-size on a Featherweight (unless you do it in sections) but I have used mine to quilt a table topper. I like the Featherweight better for piecing.
This is the first time I've ordered from Red Rock, and I did pay extra for two-day shipping. But if the thread is here and I can finish this quilt this weekend, it will be worth it!