Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend at the art show, and more

 Wow, what a weekend. Labor Day is the last big weekend of the summer for our restaurant, and this was my first time participating in a show by the Tybee Arts Association, so it was doubly crazy.

Before I even got to Tybee, I had to finish the pieces for the show, framing them, making labels, pricing and wrapping them for transport. Then Wednesday it was a meeting for work and a meeting for last minute details of the show. Thursday it was buying a new clothes dryer, then spending the afternoon setting up for the show. Friday stuff for work, then the opening reception during the evening. Saturday work morning shift at the show, then back to do stuff around the house and take pictures at the restaurant. Sunday another morning shift, knock out some to-dos at the house, back to pick up art and help with taking down the show. Then take pictures and watch the fireworks. Then a nice leisurely evening and to bed. No, not that part, because the power went out about midnight and we re-opened the store, staying open until 4 a.m. Days like this, it makes me wish I drank coffee.

The art show was fantastic, we held it in a historic cottage on the grounds of the Tybee Light Station, aka Tybee Lighthouse. Of the 20 or so participants, most were painters, there was one photographer, two jewelry artists, one who made beautiful little "fairy chairs" from twigs, shells and other found objects, one fiber artist (beautiful scarves and other items) and one quilt artist – me!

We had a great turnout, with lots of visitors to the Lighthouse wandering by to see the show and many others coming from around the area for the show. 

I brought seven pieces for the show, all beach-themed, and all including various threadwork elements, including free-motion quilting, free-motion embroidery, thread sketching and thread painting. 

They were: Palm Sunrise, pieced, painted and dimensional applique; Day at the Beach, pieced, free-motion embroidered and dimensional applique, with some hand-dyed fabric; Sea Turtle Trio II, pieced, painted, free-motion quilted and dimensional applique; Tybee Fireworks IV, pieced, painted and appliqued; Lighthouse with Boat II, pieced, free-motion embroidered, painted and dimensional applique; Sunrise Lighthouse, pieced, painted and appliqued; and Lighthouse With Sun, pieced, free-motion quilted and embroidered and appliqued.

Palm Sunrise sold at the show.
We all noticed that small items, like note cards and small prints, sold very well, so for the next show I will bring my fabric postcards.

It was great fun and I am looking forward to next time.

More later.

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