Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo Friday - dried flowers

Original, dried flowers on Tybee Island dunes
One of my purposes behind Photo Friday is to get myself outside to take pictures of all those scenes that I keep noticing. But since we've one of the coldest, grayest and wettest Januarys and Februarys I've ever remembered, that hasn't been happening. Maybe soon, if the groundhog's prediction of an early spring was right. Don't we all hope!

So, here's a couple of photos I took on Tybee Island during New Year's weekend. These little flowers had grown in the dunes and were completely dried. I loved the delicate, lacy look of them. And of course, I love to experiment with all the filters and effects in Photoshop to see what happens to a photo. Often the result gives me an idea I want to incorporate into my quilts.

So, here's a closeup of the flowers, which are tiny, about the size of a dime, and some variations.
Filter - Artistic - Cutout
Filter - Stylize - Glowing edges

Image - Adjustments - Invert
The first, using the cutout filter, could, with some adjustments, be used to create a printed fabric.

The one using the glowing edges filter makes me think of neon. Maybe an idea for stained glass or a hint of an idea for a batik.

The inverted one creates a really interesting color scheme, very spooky and other-worldly. But it could also be a very modern quilt, black, purple and gray. Could have possibilities.

And the stamp one would make a fantastic batik fabric. I can see it in just about any color.

Any other inspirations?

Filter - Sketch - Stamp
More later.

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