Monday, October 11, 2010

It's getting close!

What a gorgeous weekend we had on Tybee Island! I was working, but still able to enjoy the perfect weather, and the sights and sounds of Pirate's Fest.

What fun it is to see all the costumes, props and accessories. People were dressed in everything from everyday clothing to improvised costumes, to inexpensive Halloween pirate costumes to elaborately detailed costumes.

As a fiber artist, I had to be inspired by the colors and textures, the contrasts, the feathers, the scarf and coin belts, the fabrics, the blinking and glow in the dark swords. So many visual impressions to capture. I liked the blues in the costumes in this picture, they really stood out in a group that had lots of red and black.

Now that it's over, I'm on deadline for the High Cotton Quilt Show. I have to turn in my quilts Wednesday afternoon, so I have two and a half days to finish!

Fortunately, I had a little time during the weekend to spend on the computer and was able to nearly finish the show program. Just a few minor tweaks this morning and it's off to the printer.

We got in early enough yesterday afternoon to spend some quality time in the studio. I finished the central quilting on the Boxy Stars quilt, and just have the border to finish quilting. I didn't make it to JoAnn's for more thread for Triple Star, so it's off to Plan B to finish quilting it.

Then bindings on both quilts, sleeves on those two and one more, and labels on everything. It's a lot to do in two and a half days, but somehow I'll get it done!

More later!

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