Sunday, September 19, 2010

A good start

I got a good start quilting Cool Jazz yesterday. I might have done better if the ancient air-conditioner that cools that area hadn't decided to conk out on me this week. With the temperatures still hitting 90 here, that meant frequent breaks to cool off were necessary. But, we got a little rain last night, so maybe it will be cooler today.

To quilt this one I decided on an overall design based on one I'd seen in a Quilting Arts booklet. It's kind of a teardrop shape and can be chained or used as fill and looks good both ways. I decided to chain it along the vertical sashing to divide the quilt into four sections, and chained all the way around, then used it as fill inside the sections. I'll do some variation for the borders. Yesterday I got all the vertical and outline done and filled one of the four sections, leaving three sections to go. That should go pretty smoothly today.

The deadline for our quilt show must be getting to me. Last night I dreamed that it was the day before the show and that I was still trying to finish quilting my quilts. And that I was typing up the program for the show on an old electric typewriter. It was a relief to wake up and realize I still have time – and can use the computer for the program!

More later.

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