Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Pfaff and a half comes home

I've really been cutting back on new sewing machines lately, simply no more space. But I had to make an exception this month. A really big exception.
Last year a friend got a Pfaff
industrial treadle machine. I was with her when she got it, and told her if she ever wanted to sell it, I'd be interested. A few weeks later, she told me it was mine. So, when I saw her at the Tennessee TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy), I also got to bring home the Pfaff-and-a-half (my sister's description).

It's a monster. I haven't weighed the head, but it's probably in the neighborhood of 40 pounds. I should have put something in the picture to show the scale, it's bigger than it looks. And the bonnet (cover) is large enough to use as a baby bed.

The cabinet isn't too much bigger than a household treadle, but it is heavier and the drive wheel on the treadle is huge. It's in pretty good shape for an industrial, the table top needs a little work and there is paint worn off the front of the bed of the machine. The main problem is a small break in the treadle base, but it is patchable.

My biggest issue right now is where to put it. It's currently on the sunporch, but the humidity is getting to it and the cabinet top swelling a bit. So I need to get it inside (not that my house is any less humid).

I'm hoping to use this for free-motion quilting. The thought of all that space under the arm! About twice as much space as the Singer 15-30 I normally use for free-motion.

Oh, and the treadle is beautiful. Pfaff used an art deco styling for their treadle bases, very sleek and linear. Since I love art deco styling, it's perfect.

Another project, but I won't put this one off, I can't wait to try it out.

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