Friday, August 27, 2010

Glad not to be in the fashion business

I had a great evening last night sewing and watching "Project Runway," and as I watched I realized how glad I am to be a quilter, not in the fashion business. As a rule, quilters help each other out and even if they don't like a quilt, they'll find something nice to say about it. These design divas, not so much.

I got into the studio early and watched the party store challenge from two weeks ago while I finished a pillowcase and trimmed up some Mile-a-Minute blocks. I enjoyed the party store challenge except that my favorite designer, Sarah, went home. I picked her for favorite as soon as I saw that she sewed on a vintage sewing machine – couldn't tell if it was a Singer 201 or 15-91 – and kept fabric in the kitchen cabinets. My kind of person.

The best bit of the episode, though, was seeing Tim Gunn crack up over "wooly balls."

After that I watched last week's episode with the wonderful hats while sewing the border on to my Boxy Stars quilt. The borders came out great, a narrow deep pink inner border and a black print outer border. It was nice to see the episode with sound, too, as last week my cable provider was having problems, there was a picture but no sound on the show.

I finished the borders just in time to watch the newest episode. Just two things to say, yea Team Underdog, and, for once, the promos didn't overhype the show. I still want to see more of the sewing, though!

More later!

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