Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What happened to February?

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. It seems February flew by, and between weather stuff and job stuff, I haven't gotten around to posting. Of course, there's the problem that I haven't had much new quilty stuff to post about, too.

Most of my sewing time for the past few weeks has been devoted to making table covers and new window treatments for our restaurant. 18 vinyl table covers and 12 window treatments, to be exact. I'm down to the last two window treatments, then will be able to sew what I want for a while. I'll post pictures once they are hanging, right now they just look like a pile of colorful fabric.

I have snuck in a little bit of other sewing. The quilt that wouldn't be finished is done except for a label. After I got the binding on, I decided I really, really didn't like the quilting, done in tan, on the black borders, so picked that out and did a slightly different motif, in black. Much, much better.

I'd also signed up for a challenge project, through Creative Studios, with the theme of "puzzle." I got my idea all worked out, and started on it, but had some problems with making it do what I wanted. I missed the deadline, but will still post once I've worked the wrinkles out.

For now, here's what the big Feb. 12 snow in south Georgia looked like, and I'm getting back to work.

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